Winter Readiness Programme 2024

20 June 2024

The municipality is currently implementing its Winter Readiness Programme, which includes amongst others, the clearing of stormwater channels and drains to allow rainwater to comfortably drain from road- and pathways.

In addition to this, we are urging residents to ensure that trees growing on privately owned land, those at risk of falling over or overgrown, to be trimmed before the winter rains begin. This is to prevent trees from falling over during weather conditions such as when heavy rain and strong winds are experienced and trees and other overgrown vegetation can fall onto municipal and/or Eskom infrastructure, causing damage and affecting, for example, the timeously return of power supply.

Inauguration Ceremony of the Saldanha Bay Municipality Youth Council

16 June 2024

The newly elected Youth Council for the 2024/25 term was inaugurated at a distinctive gathering held in Saldanha earlier today.

Leading this formidable group of youth leaders are Palesa Theletsane as Junior Mayor, Shikil Sahadew, elected Junior Deputy Mayor, Willmore Daries who was confirmed as Junior Speaker and Ethan Mahoney who will carry out his duties as Junior Deputy Speaker.

The new Youth Council members were warmly welcomed and supported by the Municipal Manager, Mr. Heinrich Mettler, Executive Mayor, Cllr. André Truter, Deputy Executive Mayor, Cllr. Charmaine Laubscher, Speaker, Alderman Olwene Daniels and other esteemed Aldermen and Councillors from the Saldanha Bay Municipality.

A Day to Honour the Courageous: Fire and Rescue Services Commemorative Day

13 May 2024

One of the essential services provided by the Saldanha Bay Municipality is its efficient and well-equipped Fire and Rescue Services. On Saturday, May 11, 2024, a special commemorative event was held by the municipality to honour its dedicated firefighters and the extended family of first responders.

The event was attended by representatives from various fire and rescue service units in the industry, including Sea Harvest and the SAS Saldanha Naval training base, as well as local emergency services representatives. Family members of the firefighters and other rescue services personnel were also present to show their support.  The event also provided an opportunity for high school learners from different schools in the area to witness rescue simulations and participate in the formalities. It was a chance for the community to come together and recognize the hard work and dedication of those who put their lives on the line to keep us safe.

Municipality condemns latest attack on firefighters

31 March 2024

Saldanha Bay Municipality has noted with disappointment the latest incident of firefighters being attacked in the line of duty.

The Municipality’s Fire and Rescue Services were attacked early this morning while attending to a reported fire in Witteklip, Vredenburg.

Attacks on municipal essential workers and/or emergency personnel (including firefighters) are becoming a regular occurrence. Municipal vehicles and trucks are either stoned, or the personnel are attacked, harassed or threatened.

Ensuring Safety: Free Roadworthy Tests for Minibus Taxi Operators

18 March 2024

Roadworthy tests play a crucial role in ensuring that vehicles on the road meet the necessary safety standards. In an effort to promote public transport awareness and enhance road safety, the Saldanha Bay Municipality will offer free roadworthy tests to minibus taxi operators the week leading up to the Easter long weekend.

Roadworthy tests will be conducted at the Langebaan Vehicle Testing Centre (VTC) for a limited period of four days from 25 – 28 March 2024. This is a total voluntary awareness initiative, with no obligation attached to it.

During the four days, public transport operations will be conducted and if, to the discretion of Traffic Law Enforcement Officials, a minibus taxi appears unroadworthy, the vehicle will be referred to the Langebaan VTC for a roadworthy test. 

Saldanha Bay Municipality and NSRI continue to instil water safety skills in local youth

18 March 2024

Saldanha Bay Municipality in partnership with the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) hosted the NSRI’s Survival Swimming Programme at the South African Navy Base in Saldanha on Thursday, 14 March 2024. 

This is the second event hosted by the NSRI in the Saldanha Bay municipal area and ideally fits into the Saldanha Bay Safety Initiative’s (SBSI) objective of achieving an overall safer Easter festive season.  Other role players at the event were amongst others the Department of Education, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Disaster Management volunteers / interns.

The NSRI’s Survival Swimming Programme is geared at youth and adults in under-resourced areas with the purpose of imparting on valuable life skills. The programme teaches the very basics of Breath-control, Orientation, Floating, and Moving through water.


28 February 2024

Dignitaries were welcomed at the Vredenburg Public Library on Tuesday, 27 February 2024 to officially launch a partnership between the municipality’s Library Services and the University of South Africa (Unisa).

Driven by a common vision, the collaboration between Saldanha Bay Municipality and Unisa is a multiple library initiative that, at its core, aims to create an environment for local students, prospective students and the public at large to access information and available technology that will support and equip users in the process of further learning and development.  The vision is to ultimately contribute to an informed, skilled and learned society.  A strong emphasis is placed to promote the concept of “life-long learning” in the community and to unlock the potential of local human capital.

Saldanha Bay Municipality currently manages nine public libraries that lend books and provide access to electronic resources such as the Internet.  It also serves as a gathering point for certain community-based events.  The newly launched service, in collaboration with Unisa, will benefit enrolled and prospective students of the institution, across libraries, where, for example, an E-mail can be sent to Unisa to request a specific prescribed book or literature.  This item will subsequently be despatched via a dedicated courier to the library closest to the student.  Once the student has completed the borrowing period and returns the book or educational material to the library, the library will inform Unisa accordingly and Unisa will arrange for the item or items to be collected.  Students can benefit through this process by saving on time and expenses to obtain prescribed material.


26 February 2024

An amount of R20 000 was paid to the Saldanha Bay Municipality by anonymous donors, for “finding or locating Joslin Smith of Diazville”. Joslin, only 7 years old, went missing on Monday, 19 February 2024.

The investigation into the disappearance of Joslin is officiated by SAPS and it is their sole responsibility, however the Saldanha Bay Municipality has worked closely with the SAPS to find little Joslin.

The administration of this reward is managed by the Saldanha Bay Municipality as the donors paid the funds into the MFMA section 12 bank account of the municipality, with the condition that it may only be used to find or locate Joslin Smith.


20 February 2024

Saldanha Bay Municipality works in conjunction with the Provincial Government to attend to the growing need for housing opportunities in the area within the restricts of the relevant legislative framework.

The role of the municipality in the demand and beneficiary management process, is mainly to assist applicants with the completion of the forms and to capture such applications on the system. Once applications are captured and uploaded, the forms are submitted to the Provincial Department of Infrastructure for further processing.

For implementation where relevant, once a project has been identified and approved for implementation, in the case of subsidy applications, the municipal Housing department submits a report to Council. On 28 September 2023 the composition of the Louwville housing project was recommended and approved.

The selection criteria and priorities for a project, for example in the case of Louwville, are as follows:

  1. Households headed by persons who are 60 years of age or older.
  2. In the case of the Louwville project, there were too few individuals in the priority group and individuals in cohorts of five years were selected, i.e. age group 59 – 55 years of age.
  3. Households headed by Military Veterans.
  4. Households affected by permanent disability within ward.
  5. Households affected by permanent disability.
  6. Households headed by individuals older than 60 years. (On the broader Vredenburg waiting list.)

The municipal Housing department extracted the names of prospective applicants from the demand database and submitted the content to the Provincial Department of Infrastructure (Human Settlements).


13 February 2024

Saldanha Bay Municipality will broadcast the livestreaming of the Official Opening and SOPA, the Debate on the SOPA, and the Reply on the SOPA Debate in the Saldanha Bay Municipality Council Chamber at 12 Main Road, Vredenburg.

  1. Official Opening and SOPA: Monday, 19 February 2024 @ 18:00
  2. Debate on the SOPA: Tuesday, 20 February 2024 @ 09:30
  3. Reply on the SOPA Debate: Tuesday, 20 February 2024 @ 14:00

Everyone is welcome to attend these events. No pre-booking is required.

What is SOPA?

The State of the Province Address, also known as SOPA, is an annual address to the province by the Premier, which focuses on the current political and socio-economic state of the province.

What happens during the SOPA?

The Premier sets out government’s key policy objectives and deliverables for the year ahead in his State of the Province Address (SOPA).  It highlights the province’s achievements and challenges experienced over the past year and maps the year ahead.  SOPA covers wide-ranging political, economic and social matters and considers the general state of South Africa.

What happens after the SOPA?

Political parties have an opportunity to debate, comment and raise questions on matters addressed in the Premier’s speech during a debate on the Premier’s State of the Province Address. This debate happens after the address and forms part of the oversight function the Provincial Legislature performs over the Executive in holding the Premier accountable for government’s performance and plans for the year ahead. The Premier also has the opportunity to reply to the debate.

The cyclical link between the State of the Province Address, the Budget and the Oversight function of Parliament

  • The State of the Province Address outlines government’s priorities for the year.
  • The MEC of Finance allocates the Budget in line with the priorities outlined in the State of Province Address including regular reporting.
  • Legislature conducts oversight over the Executive to ensure that government delivers on the priorities set out in the State of the Province Address and checks that allocated funds are spent accordingly.


30 January 2024

The Saldanha Bay Municipality’s Traffic Operations section was honoured at a special ceremony on Tuesday, 30 January 2024 where employees were presented with their new ranks.

The dignified event marked an important milestone for these dedicated public servants as they advance in their careers managing the flow of traffic in our municipal area and ensuring safety on our roads.

Their newly awarded ranks reflect the trust and confidence the municipality has in their abilities to take on greater responsibilities, motivating them to continue their endeavours with renewed vigour and undertake challenges that foster innovation in tackling complex traffic issues head-on.

Please join us in congratulating these outstanding individuals as they embark on this next chapter.

Chief Traffic Services: G Swarts.

Chief Superintendents: H Brian and L Molefi.

Principal Inspectors: B Julies, J Swarts, E Miggel, N Bacela, F Pharo, T Sethole and C Kordom.

Senior Inspectors: J Nel, J Carolus, E Fortuin and C Stokes.

Inspectors: B Mfutsane, L Boks, M Claasen and L Ketsekile.


30 January 2024

The Saldanha Bay Council has welcomed a new ward councillor.

Mthobeli Twala, from the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), was sworn in as the new ward councillor of Ward 9 in Vredenburg at a Council Meeting held on 30 January 2024. This follows his victory in the ward’s bi-election on 06 December 2023.

Saldanha Bay’s Executive Mayor (Cllr André Truter), Speaker (Ald Olwene Daniels) and Municipal Manager (Mr Heinrich Mettler) welcomed Cllr Twala to the Council.

Ward 9 includes Ongegund and George Kerridge in Vredenburg.



26 January 2024

The Saldanha Bay Municipality has become aware of deceptive municipal job openings and learnership opportunities that are being falsely advertised on external websites. These misleading advertisements include the Municipality’s name, logo, employment application forms, and contact details.

We want to inform you that municipal vacancies advertised on external “learnership opportunities” websites are completely fabricated and are nothing more than scams.

Please note that legitimate employment opportunities at the Saldanha Bay Municipality are only advertised on our official website, the municipal Facebook page, and the local community newspaper.

To view vacancies available at the Saldanha Bay Municipality and to access the official application forms, please visit our website at

We apologise for any confusion or inconvenience caused by these fraudulent advertisements and assure you that we are taking steps to address this issue.



19 January 2024

Saldanha Bay Municipality unconditionally wishes to apologise to any beachgoer who may have experienced discomfort due to unforeseen spillage into the sea at Hoedjiesbaai, Saldanha on 10 January 2024.

This incident occurred due to unforeseen technical issues experienced at the adjacent pump station in Saldanha and possible non-compliance by third parties, which will be investigated. As soon as the spillage was detected, the relevant team was dispatched to clean the area and attend to the technical issue.

A “No swimming” sign was displayed as a precaution measure and the area taped-off.   Beachgoers are again reminded not to swim in designated areas where “No swimming” signs are displayed.

Rest assured that the Executive Mayor and Ward 5 Councillor, Andre Truter and Saldanha Bay Municipality’s technical teams are working tirelessly to find permanent solutions to as far as possible avoid any re-occurrence of such incidents. Various departments within the municipality have met with the Executive Mayor and are currently working on a short, medium and long-term plan in this regard.



11 December 2023

Saldanha Bay Municipality in partnership with the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) hosted the NSRI’s Survival Swimming Programme at Weskus Skool in Saldanha on Wednesday, 6 December 2023.  This event was a first for the Saldanha Bay municipal area and ideally fits into the Saldanha Bay Safety Initiative’s (SBSI) objective of achieving an overall safer festive season.  Other role players at the event were amongst others the Department of Education, West Coast Medical Rescue, Emergency Medical Rescue (EMR), South African Police Service’s Diving Unit and various Disaster Management volunteers.

The NSRI has embarked on a Survival Swimming Program which is geared at youth and adults in under-resourced areas with the purpose of imparting on valuable life skills which include: skills to self-rescue, peer rescue and move through water for 5m to safety. The programme teaches the very basics of breath-control, orientation, floating, and moving through water. The NSRI instructors are trained individuals that undergo the necessary training and possess of a relevant first-aid certificate and all other clearances required to assist with the facilitation of the programme. The programme was offered free to all invited schools with the goal to reach approximately 120 learners on the day.



10 August 2023

The new Fire and Rescue Services facility adjacent to the Saldanha Bay Airport, was opened by Executive Mayor, André Truter on 3 August 2023 during a special unveiling ceremony.  The event marks the achievement of a significant milestone in the history of Saldanha Bay Municipality.

The R12 million building was designed and is strategically positioned to allow an even faster and more efficient response to fire and rescue emergencies that occur in the municipal area.   The world-class facility accommodates 15 operational fire fighters, four reservist fire fighters, management and administrative support personnel, as well as a fleet of 11 dedicated vehicles, that include, amongst others, two fire engine major pumpers. Provision is also made for the necessary office space, a well-equipped control room, board room and customised storerooms.

In addition, the main building houses comfortable sleeping quarters for the firefighting and rescue personnel who rotates on a 24-hour, three shifts basis. Facilities include a well-equipped, modern kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms and a fitness room to ensure that personnel stay refreshed and prepared to respond to emergencies.



27 July 2023

Over the past 29 years, the ruling party put in place a web of racial requirements through, inter alia, constitutional provisions, legislation and white papers that dismally failed the intended beneficiaries.  Just like race-based empowerment and affirmative action policies failed to work in the past, it is undeniable that the enforcement of the Employment Equity Amendment Act [EEAA] will also not solve poverty and inequality – instead, it will cause more harm than good.

This piece of legislation, described by the Minister of Employment and Labour, Thulas Nxesi, as a ‘more aggressive strategy’, unashamedly imposes race quotas on businesses. No matter the circumstances or availability of qualified employees, the Minister is allowed to “set numerical targets for any national economic sector”, including “targets for different occupational levels, sub-sectors or regions within a sector” to achieve “equitable representation at “all occupational levels in the workforce”. Companies, sectors and regions will be forced to adopt and achieve the affirmative action ‘targets’ set by the Minister of Employment and Labour, who also has the prerogative to differentiate the quotas per region and profession as he deems fit.

The EEAA and regulations will drastically change the procurement rules applicable to state entities.  Businesses who fail to meet the racial targets set by the Minister, or successfully justify the grounds for failing to do so, will not be allowed to provide goods or services to any organs of state. In addition, companies who have existing contracts with state entities, run the risk of having these agreements cancelled if the racial targets are not met. In essence, this legislation will prevent businesses from participating in tender processes from the start and allow a limitless race premium over value-for-money.


Baobab FIBRE Project Progress

06 March 2023

Saldanha Bay Municipality and SBM Smart City (Pty) Ltd are pleased to report that all major network-build milestones have been reached in terms of its Baobab fibre project.  All seven towns in the municipal area are now provided with world class Open Access Fibre Network services. This extensive network provides every citizen in the area with an opportunity to access the Internet and all its associated services. The fibre installation work in gated estates are on-going and is progressing well. To date almost 6,000 residences in gated estate have access to the Baobab fibre network and its services.

The Baobab end user community has reported that they appreciated the freedom to select from different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and that they enjoyed the increased telecommunication speed and reliability of the new network.

Local labour and SMME companies were involved and significantly contributed during the building and completion of the network installations in the various towns of Saldanha Bay Municipality.

The five local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) suppliers have also been successful in attracting and signing up an impressive number of new clients on the Baobab fibre network. Currently more than 10,000 subscribers are connected to the network with more than 1,000 contracted end users who are in the pipeline for services to be installed.

Information about the project is regularly distributed via various media outlets, local radio stations, social media and the Saldanha Bay Municipality’s official website. Promotion of the project will continue throughout 2023.



23 November 2022

The Saldanha Bay Municipality has accepted the challenge to prepare its municipality for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and, in so doing, to enable its residents to benefit from opportunities and improvements.

The municipality has commenced with the process of establishing an optical fibre network that will provide all its residents with open access to data networks. At this stage, the Saldanha Bay Municipality is the only municipality in South Africa addressing the problem of accessibility to a data network in the community.

The Boabab Fibre project has now formally started and substantial progress has been made with the establishment of the open access fibre infrastructure (already installed in Langebaan, Saldanha, Vredenburg, Jacobsbaai, Hopefield and Paternoster).

In July 2022, the Saldanha Bay Municipality introduced its Digital Citizen app, which is integrated with the open access network in order to digitally provide its utility services to prospective users and residents. 



22 November 2022

Sadly, both days of the provincial taxi shutdown saw numerous incidents of violence and intimidation, leaving our communities vulnerable and feeling unsafe.

This morning it was evident that there was a calculated effort to disrupt and close off Saldanha. In the early hours of the morning the senseless damaging of our public property continued as our residents were intimidated and assaulted.

As the Executive Mayor of Saldanha Bay, I want to explicitly state that this barbaric behaviour is strongly condemned. We will do whatever it takes, within the ambit of the law, to protect our citizens and property.

I want to give credit to our diligent Neighbourhood Watch, Law Enforcement and Fire Services, as well as members of POPS [Public Order Policing] who continued to work diligently under dangerous conditions to maintain a good presence in our towns and for going beyond the call of duty to restore law and order. The members of Vredenburg SAPS are also commended for the effective manner in which they executed their duties on Monday, 21 November ’22.

Whilst we respect the democratic right of the Taxi Industry, and any other industry for that matter, to strike / protest peacefully, we will never tolerate rogue individuals and groups who utilize this opportunity to embark on violent actions and disruptions to create chaos by damaging and destroying roads and public property and interfering with the free movement of our people.

Our urgent request to those participating in the protest action, is to refrain from interfering in any way, shape or form, with learners and their parents.

In view of the numerous illegal and violent incidents that happened, I can confirm that the Saldanha Bay Municipality reported several crimes to the local police for further investigation.