The Saldanha Bay municipality has resolved  to stimulate sustainable Local Economic Development and employment opportunities within the municipal area. One option is to align with the South African Industrial Development Zone Programme which is part of national government’s strategy to position the country within the global economy. The aim is to encourage international competitiveness and sustainable economic growth through strategic investments in export manufacturing industries in the Saldanha Bay municipal area.

The Industrial Development Zones (IDZs) are purpose-built industrial estates, linked to an international port or airport, which have been specifically designated for new investment by export oriented industries and related services.

There are currently four designated IDZs in South Africa.

The most productive one is the East London IDZ specialized in export-led manufacturing and processing. Such activity stands to benefit from the country’s world-class infrastructure and abundant availability of a variety of raw materials. Companies established in an IDZ remain subject to all relevant South African legislation but qualify for an attractive range of industrial and support benefits, including investment incentives offered by government.


Corporate Social Investment Policy Framework

The Saldanha Bay Municipality (SBM) Integrated Development Plan (IDP) sets out targets for a variety of actions, covering education, social welfare, housing, sanitation, economic development and other services. The IDP seeks to integrate and balance the economic, ecological and social pillars of sustainability within the SBM area in such a way to promote the involvement of government, the community and local leadership to enhance infrastructure and socio-economic development in the SBM area. However, the current Corporate Social Investment (CSI) spend by companies in the area do not necessarily address the IDP priorities in SBM area.

Thus, the objectives of the SBM CSI policy are to empower citizens and to uplift communities as a way to induce creativity, strengthen cohesion and to reach responsiveness to economic turbulence in line with the IDP priorities. A study was undertaken in consultation with business and civil society in the SBM area to determine the feasibility, viability and support for a SBM CSI Policy.

The SBM Council approved the strategy to establish a Saldanha Bay Corporate Social Investment programme to address development issues in the municipal area as identified in the IDP. The programme has the support of key local business and civil society organisations. Through the development of this particular policy, SBM accepts its role to be the catalyst for steering relevant corporate social investment in this region.