Dates, times and venue of meetings are subject to change.  These meeting dates and any amendments will be published on Council’s website.

18 Landfill Site Committee @14:00
25 Special Council Meeting @14:00
30 Virtual Special Council Meeting @14:00
23 Special Council Meeting @14:00
13 Council Meeting @14:00
24 Landfill Site Committee @14:00
30 Special Council Meeting @14:00
20 Council Meeting @14:00
23 Landfill Site Committee @14:00
30 Special Council Meeting @14:00
12 Council Meeting @14:00


Members of the public who wish to observe Council meetings are welcome to attend.  Please note there are limited seats available and attendance has to be arranged at least 48 hours prior to the Council meeting.

The following procedure has to be followed for observing Council meetings in the public gallery.

1. Contact Ms. E Jonas at 022 701-7147 or email

Council meetings are held at the Council Chambers in Vredenburg (12 Main Road)

2. Kindly include the following information in your email:

Name and surname, physical address, identity number, telephone number and the date of the Council meeting.

Please note: It is a requirement to present identification at the security desk.

Rules for observing Council meetings as contained in the By-Law relating to the conduct of Council and Committee meetings (published on 11 November 2022 in Provincial Gazette 8679):

  • Exclusion of public during the confidential section of the agenda.
  • Order must be preserved at all times.
  • Taking of photographs or visual or audio recordings is prohibited unless authorised by the Speaker.
  • An offence will be committed if a member of the public refuses to comply with an order or direction from the Speaker given in terms of Sections 32 (disruptive behaviour) or 34 (unauthorised recordings/photographs)  of the By-Law relating to the conduct of Council and Committee meetings.