by | Jun 20, 2024 | Press Release

The municipality is currently implementing its Winter Readiness Programme, which includes amongst others, the clearing of stormwater channels and drains to allow rainwater to comfortably drain from road- and pathways.

In addition to this, we are urging residents to ensure that trees growing on privately owned land, those at risk of falling over or overgrown, to be trimmed before the winter rains begin. This is to prevent trees from falling over during weather conditions such as when heavy rain and strong winds are experienced and trees and other overgrown vegetation can fall onto municipal and/or Eskom infrastructure, causing damage and affecting, for example, the timeously return of power supply.

Trees on privately owned land which encroach onto municipal, provincial or Eskom servitudes, will be trimmed or removed without the consent of the property owner to ensure that service delivery is restored as quickly as possible.

The felling/trimming of trees on privately owned land, which are causing a risk, however, remain the responsibility of residents/owners. Residents can contact the relevant Directorate at the office number below for contact details of contractors who can help, at owners’ cost, with the trimming or felling of any trees at risk.

Residents are also requested to allow access to municipal or Eskom officials onto their property, should a fallen tree need to be urgently accessed or removed from a power line.

Your co-operation in this regard is much appreciated.

Directorate: Community and Operational Services

Contact details:

Office (office hours): Tel. (022) 701-6941

24-Hour Call Centre: Tel. (022) 701-7061/6974