by | Oct 18, 2022 | Media Release

Today, 18 October 2022, at the opening of the African Energy Week [AEW] 2022 conference and exhibition in Cape Town, it was announced that the Freeport Saldanha Industrial Development Zone [also known as the Saldanha Bay IDZ [Industrial Development zone] has signed a memorandum of understanding [MoU] with SASOL to establish a green hydrogen hub in Saldanha Bay.

As the Executive Mayor of Saldanha Bay Municipality, I am extremely pleased with this exciting announcement.  I believe that Saldanha has been positioning itself as the economic hub and gateway to the rest of the world in industrial manufacturing.

It is undeniable that Saldanha Bay Municipality played a crucial supporting role in the development of the Freeport Saldanha [IDZ] and through infrastructure investments.

We are now perfectly positioned to become the Green Hydrogen Energy Hub of Africa.

I firmly believe that the generation of energy will play a significant role in the future of Saldanha Bay.  Our local workforce and businesses, equipped with exceptional skills and tenacity, are ready and able to provide a service and support to our investors.

Saldanha Bay welcomes these investments that will fundamentally change our economic viability and the lives of our people. Sustainable, well-paid employment for our local labour force, especially our women and youth, remain a driving force and inspiration to me personally.

There is no doubt in my mind that these investments will be the catalyst that will spark multiple new investments.

We remain focused and committed to work for both local and international investors and investment in pursuit of our economic goals.

Executive Mayor: Saldanha Bay Municipality

André B. Truter