Saldanha Bay Municipality unconditionally wishes to apologise to any beachgoer who may have experienced discomfort due to unforeseen spillage into the sea at Hoedjiesbaai, Saldanha on 10 January 2024.

This incident occurred due to unforeseen technical issues experienced at the adjacent pump station in Saldanha and possible non-compliance by third parties, which will be investigated. As soon as the spillage was detected, the relevant team was dispatched to clean the area and attend to the technical issue.

A “No swimming” sign was displayed as a precaution measure and the area taped-off.   Beachgoers are again reminded not to swim in designated areas where “No swimming” signs are displayed.

Rest assured that the Executive Mayor and Ward 5 Councillor, Andre Truter and Saldanha Bay Municipality’s technical teams are working tirelessly to find permanent solutions to as far as possible avoid any re-occurrence of such incidents. Various departments within the municipality have met with the Executive Mayor and are currently working on a short, medium and long-term plan in this regard.

Regarding the perceived lack of ablution facilities, it must be stated that ample temporary mobile toilets were strategically placed around the swimming areas. The toilets are currently still in use at the Hoedjiesbaai swimming area.

The permanent ablution facilities have been closed for a couple of years due to the continuous vandalism of municipal infrastructure.

Furthermore, the toilets at the informal trading area and the taxi rank were open on all public holidays in December and January from 08:00 until 17:00, with wash basin facilities.

Residents can be assured that the Executive Mayor and the Administration are continuously striving to render effective services and to create a joyous beach environment in Saldanha.