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Purpose: This grant allocation is intended for the purpose of upgrading existing, unregistered Early Childhood Development (ECD) facilities within a specified ward only.

Geographic Location Applicable: Ward 9 (For clarification of ward boundaries, please contact Franklin Daniels at E-mail:

Saldanha Bay Municipality makes grants-in-aid available to organisations or entities for funding of projects that benefit the community and assist the municipality in realising its goals and objectives as set out in the Integrated Development Plan (IDP). Funding will only be available from 15 May  2021.


To provide an opportunity of creating sustainable partnerships with outside agencies to achieve the objectives of Saldanha Bay Municipality as outlined in the Integrated Development Plan and the municipal Early Childhood Development (ECD) policy. In this instance, funding is specifically made available to increase the number of registered ECD facilitates within a specified ward.

Categories eligible for transfers and subsidies (Grants-in-aid, specifically for ECD). When considering grant applications, preference will be given to the following organisations:

  • A public benefit organisation (PBO), which is a non-profit company (NPC) incorporated in terms of Schedule 1 of the Companies Act, 71 of 2008 or a trust or an association of persons that has been incorporated, formed or established in the Republic as contemplated in the definition of public benefit organisations in sections 30(1) and 30(3) of the Income Tax Act, 58 of 1962 as amended;
  • A non-profit organisation (NPO) registered as such in terms of section 13 of the Non-Profit Organisations Act, 71 of 1997;
  • An Early Childhood Development (ECD) site or childcare and development facility such as a crèche, day care or educare centre with the principal objective being early childhood development for children aged 0-6 years and that is duly registered with the Western Cape Government’s Department of Social Development as a place of care in terms of the Children’s Amendment Act, 41 of 2007.

Restrictions on grants-in-aid allocated in terms of this Policy:

The following, being either, projects, activities, programmes or types of expenditure, will not qualify for grants-in-aid funding in terms of this Policy:

  • Bursaries of any kind;
  • Disaster management and relief;
  • Donation of assets, moveable or immovable;
  • Public functions, conferences and seminars of any kind;
  • If not aligned to the priorities, strategies and objectives as set out in the municipality’s IDP;
  • Retrospective funding of expenditure that has already been incurred or to fund any over expenditure that may be incurred on an approved grants-in-aid project;
  • Where only an individual will benefit;
  • Which are to be carried out beyond the municipality’s area of jurisdiction unless a clear and compelling benefit to the municipality and its residents can be demonstrated;
  • For the benefit of any particular political party;
  • Subsidisation or funding of municipal rates, tariffs, service or user charges;
  • Any commercial or other business transactions entered into between the municipality and outside contractors or suppliers, in terms of the municipality’s Supply Chain Management Policy for the supply of goods or services;
  • Any undertaking or enterprise operating as a business for profit or gain except in the instance of an Early Childhood Development (ECD) site or childcare facility referred to in paragraph 5.3 above or economic and social developmental projects and initiatives;
  • Grants-in-aid to civic or rate payers’ associations;
  • Where a member of Council or an official of the Saldanha Bay Municipality receives any direct financial or other gain from this organisation.

The following application requirements shall apply upon application:

  • The municipality reserves the right not to fund an organisation or body two years in succession or in any future years;
  • Applications for transfers and subsidies (grants-in-aid) should be aligned with the powers and functions allocated to municipalities by the Constitution of South Africa (Section 156) (Annexure A), section 8 of the Systems Act, as interpreted by the Municipality’s IDP and the relevant sections of the MFMA and any amendments thereto;
  • Applicants/organisations and bodies may not be in arrears with their municipal accounts for more than three months;

  • To ensure the sustainability of project(s) undertaken by the organisation or body, consideration should be given to granting the full funding requirements of deserving projects or programmes, rather than pro-rata allocations, unless there is also grant counter-funding from other sources;
  • Grants-in-aid transfers/payments shall be restricted to deserving organisations provided that such organisations or bodies:
  • Operate as a separate legal entity and are recognized as such by South African legislation;
  • Are governed by their constitutions, have regular meetings with their members and subscribe to sound accounting practices; and
  • Are located and serve communities and individuals who are most in need within the jurisdiction of the municipality.

For the purpose of this specific Early Childhood Development related Grant-in-Aid, applicants are required in addition, to submit a portfolio of evidence providing the following:

  • Must be a registered NPO/PBO specialising in the field of Early Childhood Development;
  • A proven track record of ECD related projects within the Saldanha Bay Municipal area over a minimum period of 5 years;
  • Be in possession of and submit a letter of endorsement signed by the regional director of the Department of Social Development;
  • Must be a registered NPO/PBO specialising in the field of Early Childhood Development.

For the purpose of this specific Early Childhood Development related Grant-in-Aid, applicants should note that expenditure of said funding is restricted towards enabling registration with the Department of Social Development and subsequently may only be spent if expenditure is in alignment with the following:

  • Capital infrastructure support towards registration of facilities to ensure all requirements of the Department of Social Development are met. {as stipulated in Children’s Act, Chapter 5, Number 79.2, Items (a) to (i)}
  • In addition to above, funds may only be utilised towards operational expenditure relating to meeting registration requirements such as:
  • Expenditure relating to acquisition of Land Use, Fire and Health certification;
  • Expenditure relating to the commissioning of registered architectural services towards obtaining building plans;
  • Also including operating registration requirements as stipulated in Children’s Act, Chapter 5, Number 79.2, Items (j) to (k).
  • Under no circumstances may funds be utilised for operating expenses relating to salaries or nutritional support for facilities.

Applicants must complete the application form in full and include all supporting documentation as required.  Note that incomplete application forms and applications will not be considered. Please note that organisations that apply must be located or operate within the municipal boundaries of the Saldanha Bay Municipal area. Completed Grant-in-Aid application forms including the Business Plan and all supporting documentation as set out in the application form and the Grant-in-Aid Policy and this advertisement, must be submitted to the following address:

Saldanha Bay Municipality, Community Development Office, Investment Centre, 15 Main Road, Vredenburg, 7380

Closing date for Grant-in-Aid submissions: Wednesday, 24 March 2021.

Contact or visit the Saldanha Bay Municipality Community Development Office for forms or any information required.

Contact details:


022 701-7189



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