Baobab FIBRE Project Progress

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Baobab Fibre Project, Press Release


Saldanha Bay Municipality and SBM Smart City (Pty) Ltd are pleased to report that all major network-build milestones have been reached in terms of its Baobab fibre project.  All seven towns in the municipal area are now provided with world class Open Access Fibre Network services. This extensive network provides every citizen in the area with an opportunity to access the Internet and all its associated services. The fibre installation work in gated estates are on-going and is progressing well. To date almost 6,000 residences in gated estate have access to the Baobab fibre network and its services.

The Baobab end user community has reported that they appreciated the freedom to select from different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and that they enjoyed the increased telecommunication speed and reliability of the new network.

Local labour and SMME companies were involved and significantly contributed during the building and completion of the network installations in the various towns of Saldanha Bay Municipality.

The five local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) suppliers have also been successful in attracting and signing up an impressive number of new clients on the Baobab fibre network. Currently more than 10,000 subscribers are connected to the network with more than 1,000 contracted end users who are in the pipeline for services to be installed.

Information about the project is regularly distributed via various media outlets, local radio stations, social media and the Saldanha Bay Municipality’s official website. Promotion of the project will continue throughout 2023.

Residents and visitors to the area will also notice the increased activity around the display of SBM Smart City outdoor billboards and some co-branded outdoor billboards.  There are on-going activations in shopping malls, where individuals can enquire about and learn more of the project, the services and products available to them on this network.

The SBM Citizen Application (App) with its Smart City functionality is also gaining traction with end users; almost 2,000 individuals have already downloaded the application to their mobile devices and started to use the App functionality. The project team is making another appeal to SBM employees ánd residents to download the application and use the functionality not only to engage with each other but also to engage with Saldanha Bay Municipality.

The project team is happy to report that 11 local schools have already joined the Baobab project and signed up for their free Internet service.  We would like to encourage those schools who have not yet made use of this opportunity, to follow suit.

Various new projects are being executed, leveraging the now installed fibre network. Should any party require more information about any aspect associated with the Baobab fibre project please contact: for information and assistance.

Contributed by Micaela Williams-Van Wyk