A relaxed blend of business and pleasure.

Vredenburg was established around a spring of fresh drinking water, it was named Twisfontein (‘Quarrel Spring’) and later Prosesfontein (‘Lawsuite Spring’) because the rights to it cause so many disputes between two neighbouring farmers. Water is a scarce commodity on the West Coast, so water rights were highly coveted.

Peace finally reigned when the now pale pink Dutch Reformed Church in the main street was built not far from the disputed spring. The town was promptly renamed Vredenburg, or ‘Peaceful Town’, which is the way

it’s been ever since.  Vredenburg is the commercial hub for the surrounding farming community, and it’s a place to shop, catch a movie or a meal out.

Surrounded by fynbos, wheat fields and dairy and sheep farms, the town has all the modern amenities to ensure comfort and convenience on a West Coast holiday.

The West Coast Mall – with panoramic views over Saldanha Bay – has dozens of shops, including restaurants and coffee shops, as well as speciality stores selling everything from craft materials to sports equipment.

In the town, there’s a popular golf course, a gym and even dancing classes on offer, or paintball for the kids.

Importantly, Vredenburg – just 90 minutes’ drive from Cape Town – is ideally situated as a base from which to do day trips to the surrounding areas on the West Coast. Within 20 km of Vredenburg are both the West Coast Fossil Park and the long, white beaches of Paternoster with the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve nearby.

In easy striking distance are Langebaan and the West Coast National Park for wildlife and flora. Jacobsbaai is close by, and St Helena Bay just a short drive away – and all offer the finest natural West Coast attractions, unspoiled beaches and extreme beauty.

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