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  • I declare that the below particulars are to the best of my knowledge true and correct and understand and accept that if I am appointed, my appointment will be subject to the provisions of the Conditions of Service, the Policy of the Council, submission of certified supporting documentation and any applicable legislation. 

1. The purpose of this form is to assist a municipality in selecting suitable candidates for an advertised post. 2. This form must be completed in full, accurately and legibly. All substantial information relevant to a candidate must be provided in this form. Any additional information may be provided on the CV. 3. Candidates shortlisted for interviews may be requested to furnish additional information that will assist municipalities to expedite recruitment and selection processes. 4. All information received shall be treated with strict confidentiality and shall not be used for any other purpose than to assess the suitability of the applicant. 5. This form is designed to assist municipality with the recruitment, selection and appointment of staff members in terms of the Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act No. 32 of 2000) DETAILS OF THE ADVERTISED POST (as reflected in the advert)
Example: Code A driver's licence – for motorcycles. Code B driver's licence – light motor vehicles. Code C driver's licence – heavy motor vehicles.
(please elaborate on your CV)
List all insitutions, name of qualification(s), levels and year(s) obtained.
List all and elaborate on your CV
List all and elaborate on your CV
I hereby declare that all the information provided in this application and any attachments in support thereof is to the best of my knowledge true and correct. I understand that any misrepresentation or failure to disclose any information may lead to my disqualification or termination of my employment contract, if appointed.


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