The Western Cape Government, via its Department of Local Government, identified certain additional projects to be funded in terms of its Emergency Municipal Load Shedding Relief Grant for the 2022/23 financial year for the purpose of allocating funding to Municipalities, within the Western Cape Province, to procure and install emergency diesel generators to be used for water treatment, water distribution and wastewater systems during times of prolonged load shedding and to mitigate the impact on the provision of basic services.

A total amount of R 2 950 000 (VAT Inclusive) was allocated to the Saldanha Bay Municipality.

The Municipality is in the process of procuring generators from the emergency funding that will strategically be placed at the following service points, namely:

  • Hopefield Oaksweg Sewer Pump Station
  • Hopefield Waste Water Treatment Works
  • St Helena Bay Blueberry Hill Water Pump Station
  • Saldanha Bay Manatoka Sewer Pump Station

The Municipality will also be procuring additional generators with its own funding.

In terms of the project status, the tender for the supply of the emergency generators has already been awarded. The order for the supply of these generators has been placed. The first generators are expected to be delivered to the Municipality by the end of May 2023.

Prolonged power outages cause operational challenges for municipal water supply.  During extended periods of power outages or load shedding, some areas may experience low water pressure or a temporary disruption in water supply.  In addition, interrupted electricity supply to pump stations increases the risk of sewer spillage.

As part of Saldanha Bay Municipality’s mitigation measures, existing and additional generators that can supply electricity to reservoirs and pump stations, will enable a continuous potable water supply service to consumers and maintain the sewerage system.

However, it is important to realise that temporary generator capacity has limitations.  Therefore, despite the efforts that are made to prevent a complete disruption in service delivery, consumers are requested to reduce their consumption where possible during abnormal circumstances where prolonged periods of power outages or load shedding are experienced.  During such times, consumers are requested to please use less water so that storage levels can be conserved.