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Municipality plans free door-to-door
recycling collection service for residents


Instead of throwing away your household organic waste (fruit and vegetable waster, leaves, etc), why not generate your own compost for your garden. There are only limited containers available per town within the Saldanha Bay Municipal area.

Click here to download application form.

Municipality rolls out Phase Three of free recycling collection service to Saldanha and St Helena Bay

During the first week of October, the Saldanha Bay Municipality will be rolling out free door-to-door recycling collection services each week to residents of Saldanha and St Helena Bay.

This follows the successful launch of recycling collections to the rest of the Saldanha Bay Municipal area. So far more than 4 500 residents are already participating and some 115 000 kg of recyclable materials have been diverted from landfill, creating 46 jobs to date.

Our "WeCar - Recycle Programme is a national environmental award winner and is part of the municipality’s commitment to improving service deliveries to ratepayers. This helps create employment for the community and keeps clean the West Coast, whose natural beauty brings thousands of tourists and visitors annually. Bags are taken to the materials recycling facility at the Vredenburg landfill site. Here trained workers from the community sort the recyclables so they can be baled and transported to Cape Town for processing into new products again.
Free clear bags:
Residents will be given a starter pack with educational information about how to participate as well as free clear bags for the first two weeks. Into the clear bag go all paper, plastics, glass, and tins together. There is no need to sort the different ‘dry’ items (food scraps, wet and other waste goes as usual into the green bin).
All residents of Saldanha and St Helena Bay are encouraged to join Vredenburg, Paternoster, Jacobsbaai and Hopefield and participate in the free, door-to-door collection of their recyclable materials which otherwise would go to waste in landfill.
On the same day as refuse removal day each week, residents place their clear bag with recyclables on the pavement next to the refuse bin. The municipality’s recycling contractor Wastegro will pick up the bag of recyclables and swop a fresh clear bag for the householder’s next week’s recyclables. Businesses and restaurants are not included in the free weekly domestic recycling collection system. Recycling arrangements can be made with contractors of their choice, or business can contact Wastegro on 082 3353 177. For more information, contact the Saldanha Bay Municipality call centre on 022 701 7061. 

For more information, contact the Saldanha Bay Municipality call centre on 022 701 7061. 

Saldanha Bay wins National Award for Residential Recycling Project


Caption: Abubaker Nackerdien, Saldanha Bay Municipality’s Acting Manager: Solid Waste receives the Silver Award at the recent Eco-Logic National Environmental Awards ceremony.


Saldanha Bay Municipality’s separation-at-source residential recycling project won the Silver Award in the Municipal Category at the recent Eco-Logic National Environmental Awards. Saldanha Bay beat all other municipal entries in this category, except the City of Tshwane who won the Gold Award.

“This award is not only the achievement of the waste management department, the recycling and awareness contractors and the councillors who are supporting it, but in particular the residents who have given their own time and effort to participate,” said Abubaker Nackerdien, Acting Manager: Solid Waste who accepted the award on behalf of the municipality.

The programme started in Langebaan in 2016 and has been running in Vredenburg, Paternoster, Hopefield and Jacobsbaai since September 2017. Saldanha and St Helena Bay are to follow.

Over a thousand tons of recyclable household waste materials have been collected so far and diverted from landfill to go back into manufacturing. The project lengthens the life of the landfill site, saving costs in future. It has also created 46 employment opportunities within the local community.

All residents who receive the collection service in their area are encouraged to join the municipality’s successful recycling project, now recognised nationally. Information on how to participate can be found by clicking on the recycling logo at the bottom of the home page on the municipality’s website at:

About the Awards:

  • The Eco-Logic Awards identifies individuals, organisations and communities that positively contribute towards a sustainable world. The Awards encourages consumers to support them by purchasing their products and services.
  • The Enviropaedia established the Annual Eco-Logic Awards in 2011. These Awards have since grown into South Africa’s most Glamorously Green eco-calendar event, receiving extensive TV, radio, print media and online coverage. Each year, individuals and organisations are invited to submit their eco-logical products, services, projects or initiatives under 13 environmental categories to be evaluated by a panel of highly respected and environmentally aware Judges.

Saldanha Bay Municipality's recycling project features in "ReSource" magazine

Saldanha Bay Municipality’s successful “WeCare – Recycle” programme featured in the August 2017 edition of the ReSource magazine (see attached pdf).  ReSource is the Official Journal of the Institute of Waste Management in South Africa.

Are you a holiday or a weekend visitor?

Drop off your bag of recycling at your nearest public drop-off site



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