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Draft Annual Report 2015/2016 & Mid-Year S72 Budget and Performance Assessment Report 2016/2017

The Draft Annual Report for the 1/07/2015 to 30/06/2016 financial year is open for public scrutiny and comments. Please click here.

The Mid-year Budget and Performance Assessment Report for the period 1/07/2016 to 31/12/2016 is open for public scrutiny and comments. Please click here

Representations regarding the Draft Annual Report and/or Mid-year Budget and Performance Assessment Report are hereby invited and must be lodged in writing by 10 March 2017.

Persons who are unable to read or write are encouraged to visit the municipal office (17 Main Road, Vredenburg, Office of the Municipal Manager) during normal office hours, where they will be assisted to formulate their written comments or objections.

Fire and Flood Safety

Do you know what to do in the event of a fire or a flood? Click here for infographics pertaining to Fire and Flood Awareness.

Nominations open for 2016 Community Awards

The Community Awards intends to recognize and celebrate outstanding community service rendered in the calendar year of 2016. Saldanha Bay Municipality now invites nominations for the following six categories, namely:

1.       Bridging the gaps between divided communities
2.       Education / Educator / Learner
3.       Disabled / Differently able
4.       Development of skills of marginalised people
5.       Sport
6.       Community safety

Click here for more information on the various categories. Nomination forms can be emailed to Abe.Duplessis@sbm.gov.za or handed in at the Office of the Municipal Manager, 17 Main Road, Vredenburg, by no later than 23 January 2017 at 10h00.

Driving Licence and Motor Registration Centres open on Saturdays

Saldanha Bay Municipality’s Driving Licence and Motor Registration Centres in Vredenburg will be open on Saturdays, on a fortnight basis during 2017. 

The Driving Licence Centre’s services include the writing of learner’s licences, collection of driving licence cards, renewal of driving licences, application of professional driving permits, learner’s licences and driving licence applications. The Vehicle Registration Centre assists with the renewal of vehicle licences and registration of vehicles.

Click here for a list of the scheduled dates for 2017.


Fraud, crime and theft is an increasing problem in South Africa. Too often, it is undetected and goes unreported, resulting in financial losses to organisations, eventually to the detriment of all stakeholders.

Saldanha Bay Municipality is no different - even as a local municipality. We are committed to conducting healthy business practices with honesty and integrity, which will not only ensure a stable environment for everyone but also ensure the continued future success of the municipality.

For this reason, we have subscribed to a service that will enable all our stakeholders to report anonymously on dishonest colleagues. The service, Tip-offs Anonymous®, is totally independent of Saldanha Bay Municipality. No one will therefore ever know who reported the fraud or dishonest and inappropriate behaviour.

How does it work?
• Anyone can contact Tip-offs Anonymous® using a dedicated FreeCall 0800 telephone number and e-mail as well as the generic FreePost and FreeFax facilities.
• Trained operators, using sophisticated contact centre equipment, will respond to calls in all the 11 official languages during business hours.
• English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Sotho or Xhosa are available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
• Operators will interview callers, probing for specific facts so as to record as much information and understand things as clearly as possible.
• The information is then analysed and forwarded to designated persons of the organisation who will decide on corrective action to be taken.
• Although you may choose to tell Tip-offs Anonymous® who you are, the Tip-off report will never reveal your identity or even your gender (unless you choose your identity to be made known to the company!).

What are the contact details?
FreeCall phone: 0800 00 33 10 (exclusive to Saldanha Bay Municipality)
FreeCall fax: 0800 00 77 88 (for the sending of relevant documentation to support your tip-off)
SMS: 32840
Unique e-mail: sbm@tip-offs.com (If Your Company has a server, do not send e-mail from work as this can be traced.)

Please note that your e-mails will also remain anonymous since they will be relayed through a server which “strips-out” your name as sender as well as all other source information.

Saldanha Bay Municipality Water Restrictions

A 20% water restriction limit will be imposed to all water consumers. The following tariff increases (as per table below) will be applied on accounts and will be processed as from 1 November 2016.


Registration on Municipal SMS Database

Register your cellphone number or update your personal details on the municipal SMS database to receive messages related to emergency situations (floods, fires, power outages and pipe bursts), notices and announcements in te Saldanha Bay Municipal Area.

Submit your SMS database registration form to any Saldanha Bay Municipal office. You can also fax your form to (022) 715-1518 or submit via email to register@sbm.gov.za.

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